Scariest bridges in the world



Fair warning: If you have any fear of heights, you might have a difficult time making it across these vertigo-inducing bridges. But for the brave among us who’d like to test their limits, these are the scariest bridges in the world.

  1. The Trift Bridge

The Trift Bridge (German: Triftbrücke) is a pedestrian-only suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps. The bridge is a simple suspension bridge design spanning 170 metres (560 ft) at a height of 100 metres (330 ft).

The Trift Bridge spans the lake, Triftsee, near Gadmen, Switzerland, an area that receives approximately 20,000 visitors per year to see the Trift Glacier. An earlier bridge was built in 2004, as the glacier was no longer high enough to take visitors to the Trift Hut of the Swiss Alpine Club. A replacement bridge was opened on 12 June 2009. It is one of the longest and highest pedestrian bridges in the Alps. The old bridge stands today in the canton of Uri with the name Salbitbrücke.

Reaching the bridge requires taking a cable car in Meiringen, followed by a gondola. Finally, a difficult 1.5 hour uphill hike leads to the bridge.

2. Suspension Glass Bridge

Location: Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, China

This glass bridge stretches 1,410 feet between two mountains. The 984-foot drop will certainly give you a fright as you look through its glass bottom. After its opening, the bridge had to be temporarily closed because it was handling 10 times as many as the allotted 8,000 visitors per day.

3. The Vine Bridges of Iya Valley

Location: Iya Valley, Japan

These three vine bridges in the Iya Valley were built around 900 years ago. The originals were constructed of just slats of wood placed around 10 inches apart and held together with two single vines. They’ve been reinforced with more vines and side rails, but those afraid of heights won’t enjoy looking at the 46-foot drop between the wide cracks.

4. Plank Road in the Sky

Location: Mount Hua, China

You need guts to cross this “bridge.” It’s made up of wooden planks along the edge of Mount Hua in China. It’s 7,000-feet high and pretty terrifying. To cross the planks, you connect your harness to the rope that runs along the mountain. From there, you can hold on to the chain as you shuffle across. If the fear factor wasn’t high enough: When someone is coming in the other direction, you or the other person has to unclip the harness and reattach after passing through.

5. Monkey Bridges

Location: Mekong Delta, Vietnam

These bridges, located around Vietnam, are made by locals out of bamboo. They get their name from the monkey-like posture needed to cross. Newer versions of these bridges are made out of concrete.

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