Engineering geology

Influence of surface water – groundwater interactions on the spatial distribution of pesticide metabolites in groundwater

Introduction The contamination of groundwater by pesticides is a common problem and therefore, the fate of pesticides in the environment has been widely investigated (Buttiglieri et al., 2009; Cuevas et … Read More

Application of laser scanning for rock mass characterization and discrete fracture network generation in an underground limestone mine

Introduction According to the Mine Health and Safety Administration (MSHA), between 2006 and 2016, the underground stone mining industry had the highest fatality rate in 4 out of 10 years, compared … Read More

Identification of Rock Slope Discontinuity Sets from Laser Scanner and Photogrammetric Point Clouds: a Comparative Analysis

Introduction Characterization of rock masses requires the acquisition of information, which has traditionally been collected by means of fieldwork, using a compass and a tape. Collection of data by means … Read More