Mapping interactions between geology, subsurface resource exploitation and urban development in transforming cities using InSAR Persistent Scatterers: Two decades of change in Florence, Italy

Introduction Cities are vital anthropogenic settings changing in time in response to the needs of the living communities, and their use of the local natural environment and resources. Processes involved … Read More

An integrated multiscale approach for characterization of rock masses subjected to tunnel excavation

Introduction An in-depth knowledge of the geological aspects of the area in which a tunnel will be excavated is fundamental for optimizing the layout. In fact, costs, duration of the … Read More

Human-induced landslide on a high cut slope: a case of repeated failures due to multi-excavation

Introduction Human activity has been recognized as an important triggering factor that leads to many landslides (Turner and Schuster, 1996, Huang and Chan, 2004, Erginal et al., 2008, Ayalew et … Read More

Design and operation problems related to water curtain system for underground water-sealed oil storage caverns

Introduction China has become the largest net importer of petroleum in the world from October 2012 onward, followed by the USA. Establishing national strategic energy reserve storage is critically important. … Read More

3D reflection seismic imaging at the 2.5 km deep COSC-1 scientific borehole, central Scandinavian Caledonides

Introduction The Scandinavian Caledonides represent one of the best preserved inactive orogens in the world in which to study thrust tectonics (Asklund, 1960, Gee, 1978, Hossack and Cooper, 1986, T√∂rnebohm, … Read More