Impact of 5D regularization and interpolation on subsurface imaging: A case study of Stratton field, South Texas, United States of America

Introduction Oil and gas companies require dense 3D seismic geometric data to enhance subsurface images, particularly in the case of complex subsurface structures and complicated stratigraphy. However, in the 1990s, … Read More

Geophysical, remote sensing, GIS, and isotopic applications for a better understanding of the structural controls on groundwater flow in the Mojave Desert, California

Introduction The structural controls on groundwater accumulation and flow exhibit a wide range of variability. Faults can act as highly permeable pathways, or as barriers for groundwater flow depending on … Read More

Geophysical characterisation of karstic networks – Application to the Ouysse system (Poumeyssen, France)

Introduction Karstic aquifers are of particular interest and importance to Mediterranean countries, because they contain most of their groundwater resources. Their structure and dynamics are complex [5], because they modify … Read More

Geophysical mapping of Vercelli Seamount: Implications for Miocene evolution of the Tyrrhenian back arc basin

Introduction The Vercelli seamount is a submarine granitic intrusion of Miocene age (Barbieri et al., 1986) localized in the central portion of the Tyrrhenian Sea back arc basin. The seamount … Read More

Evaluation of subsidence induced by long-lasting buildings load using InSAR technique and geotechnical data: The case study of a Freight Terminal (Tuscany, Italy)

Introduction Anthropogenic subsidence is a major threat in urban areas, resulting in long-term economic losses, sometimes causing inundation and increased flooding potential (Holzer and Johnson, 1985; Shirzaei and Bürgmann, 2018). … Read More

Rapid and robust slope failure appraisal using aerial photogrammetry and 3D slope stability models

Introduction In both civil engineering and mining projects, practical limitations significantly affect the ability to assess the stability of rock slope cuttings and benches in real-time, using analytical approaches such … Read More