Engineering geology

Geophysical investigation of a freshwater lens on the island of Langeoog, Germany – Insights from combined HEM, TEM and MRS data

Introduction The W-E trending barrier island of Langeoog is located at the German North Sea coast, along the northern rim of the intertidal Wadden Sea (Fig. 1a). The water supply … Read More

Geoelectrical monitoring of simulated subsurface leakage to support high-hazard nuclear decommissioning at the Sellafield Site, UK

Introduction Whilst modern geophysical methodology is increasingly applied at nuclear legacy sites worldwide, the full potential of near-surface geophysics has yet to be fully recognized by the nuclear industry and … Read More

Grouting techniques for the unfavorable geological conditions of Xiang’an subsea tunnel in China

Introduction The geological conditions of subsea tunnels are rather difficult to accurately explore because of the close proximity of an infinite amount of seawater. Therefore subsea tunnels are greatly affected … Read More