Kinking and chevron folding

August 8, 2019 admin 2

Kink bands are common in well-laminated and anisotropic rocks rich in phyllosilicate minerals, and some field occurrences are shown in Figure 1. Kink bandsare centimetre […]


August 3, 2019 admin 1

Convolute lamination or convolute bedding is a special type of intraformational deformation layering or lamination, characterized by meandering and winding laminates within a layer in […]

Slump and Rockslide

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Slump Slump is an example of a rotational slide and refers to the downward sliding of a mass of rock or unconsolidated material moving as […]

slow movements

Slow Movements

July 15, 2019 admin 4

Movements such as rockslides, rock avalanches, and lahars are certainly the most spectacular and catastrophic forms of mass wasting. These dangerous events deserve intensive study […]

Types of stress- deformation

July 8, 2019 admin 7

Brittle deformation (fracturing and faulting) dominates in the upper crust, where the temperatures are comparatively cool. By contrast, at depths greater than about 10 kilometers […]

geologic time scale

Time scale

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Numbers on the time scale represent time in millions of years before present. Numerical dates were added long after the time scale was established using […]


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Basic types of contacts To understand the concept of nonconformity in the rock formation, it is important to mention the basic types of contacts between […]



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A disconformity is a gap in the rock A disconformity is a gap in the rock record that represents a period of erosion rather than […]