Contact metamorphism

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The first mention of contact metamorphism/metamorphic phenomena dates back to the end of the eighteenth century when James Hutton observed that, the rocks surrounding a […]

Metamorphic Zones

Metamorphic Zones

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Explain how index minerals are used to establish the metamorphic grade of a rock body. In areas affected by metamorphism, geologists can observe the usually […]

Earth’s First Life

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Describe some of the hypotheses on the origin of life and the characteristics of early prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and multicelled organisms. The oldest fossils provide evidence […]

What Drives Metamorphism?

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The agents of metamorphism include heat, pressure, directional stress, and chemically active fluids.During metamorphism, rocks may be subjected to all four metamorphic agents simultaneously.However, the […]

Arches of Utah

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Located just outside Moab, Utah, is a wonderland of more than 2,000 natural arches. Towering 85 feet (26 m) overhead, and spanning 65 feet (20 […]

The Devils Marbles

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An early Australian explorer trekking into central Australia found large, round boulders scattered across the surface, sometimes in huge stacks, and sometimes precariously balanced on […]

Traps for Oil and Gas

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Sometimes the upward migration of oil and natural gas is halted. A geologic environment that allows for economically significant amounts of oil and gas to […]