Engineering geology

3D geological modeling for mineral resource assessment of the Tongshan Cu deposit, Heilongjiang Province, China

Introduction Three-dimensional geological modeling (3DGM) is a developing technology for geological studies, mineral resource exploration, and quantitative estimation of mineral resources (Houlding, 1994; Mallet, 2002; Wu and Xu, 2004; Fallara … Read More

Numerical modeling of deep-seated landslides interacting with man-made structures

Introduction Deep-seated landslides (generally referred to as deep-seated gravity slope deformations, DSGSDs) are large mass movements. They are found in most rock types, with discontinuous and poorly defined lateral boundaries, … Read More

Application of laser scanning for rock mass characterization and discrete fracture network generation in an underground limestone mine

Introduction According to the Mine Health and Safety Administration (MSHA), between 2006 and 2016, the underground stone mining industry had the highest fatality rate in 4 out of 10 years, compared … Read More

3D Geological Modeling and Its Application under Complex Geological Conditions

Introduction The 3D visualization can give people an intuitive feel. The virtual reality technology can create a virtual environment. The common influence of visual sense, auditory sense and tactile sense … Read More

Technique for analyzing bedrock could help builders, planners identify safe building zones

Research by a UCLA geologist and colleagues could give builders and urban planners more detailed information about how susceptible areas are to landslides and earthquakes. The study, by Seulgi Moon, … Read More