Mineral properties

December 17, 2019 admin 0

The word mineral comes from the Latin minera, or mine. Until the nineteenth century, minerals were simply things that came out of mines—things that had […]

What Causes Color in Topaz?

November 12, 2019 admin 0

Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine with the chemical formula Al2SiO4(F,OH)2. Topaz crystallizes in the orthorhombic system, and its crystals are mostly […]

How Magmas Evolve

October 4, 2019 admin 1

Describe how magmatic differentiation can generate a body that has mineralogy (chemical composition) that is different from its parent magma. Geologists have observed that, over […]

Gemstones and minerals;

October 4, 2019 admin 1

Precious stones have been prized since antiquity. Although most gemstones are varieties of a particular mineral, misinformation abounds regarding gems and their mineral makeup.

Conglomerate and Breccia

September 12, 2019 admin 2

Conglomerate consists largely of rounded gravel-size particles (Figure 1). As Figure 2 indicates, these particles can range in size from large boulders to particles as […]