Igneous Compositions

June 8, 2020 admin 1

Compare and contrast the four basic igneous compositions: basaltic (mafic), granitic (felsic), andesitic (intermediate), and ultramafic. Igneous rocks are composed mainly of silicate minerals. Chemical […]


The Dark Silicates

June 7, 2020 admin 0

The dark (or ferromagnesian) silicates are minerals containing ions of iron (ferro 5 iron) and/or magnesium in their structure. Because of their iron content, ferromagnesian […]


Crystal Shape, or Habit

June 5, 2020 admin 1

Mineralogists use the term crystal shape, or habit, to refer to the common or characteristic shape of individual crystals or aggregates of crystals. Some minerals […]

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Parent Material

May 26, 2020 admin 0

The source of the weathered mineral matter from which soils develop is called the parent material and is a major factor influencing newly forming soil. […]

How Do Minerals Form?

January 31, 2020 admin 2

Describe three mechanisms that generate minerals and rocks. Minerals form through a wide variety of processes and in many different environments. We will examine three […]

Common Minerals

January 9, 2020 admin 2

Most minerals you see while walking around an outcrop or a road cut reflect the local geology. The Sierra Nevada in California, which is primarily […]