Engineering geology

Grouting techniques for the unfavorable geological conditions of Xiang’an subsea tunnel in China

Introduction The geological conditions of subsea tunnels are rather difficult to accurately explore because of the close proximity of an infinite amount of seawater. Therefore subsea tunnels are greatly affected … Read More

Geophysical methods for mapping Quaternary sediment thickness: Application to the Saint-Lary basin (French Pyrenees)

Introduction Mountainous glacial valleys commonly exhibit characteristic parabolic or “U”-shape transverse sections which are extensively studied and discussed in the literature (Augustinus, 1995, Harbor, 1990, Harbor et al., 1988, Hirano … Read More

Rock mechanical modelling of the Bentonite Rock Interaction Experiment, Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, Sweden

Introduction An important task for a society that aims at sustainability is to be able to conceptualise, characterise and model different geological systems. The ability to transmit and store fluids … Read More

Mapping erosion and deposition in an agricultural landscape: Optimization of UAV image acquisition schemes for SfM-MVS

Introduction Structure-from-motion (SfM) is a photogrammetric technique used to generate a 3D pointcloud from a collection of overlapping 2D images (Carrivick et al., 2016). The SfM process starts with feature … Read More

Automatic correction and simplification of geological maps and cross-sections for numerical simulations

Introduction Geological models honoring subsurface data are central objects involved in a wide spectrum of applications (Ringrose and Bentley, 2015). A model, whether it be three dimensional or two dimensional, … Read More

Geostructural stability assessment of cave using rock surface discontinuity extracted from terrestrial laser scanning point cloud

Introduction Rocks naturally begin as lateral bedding of sedimentary layers (Oberender and Plan, 2015). However, under the action of tectonic stress, rock folds and fractures, resulting in discontinuous rock mass … Read More