Engineering geology

Developing 3-D mine-scale geomechanical models in complex geological environments, as applied to the Kiirunavaara Mine

Introduction Mining induced rock mass behaviour is a result of the interaction between the mining and geological environments. An understanding of the role of 3-D geomechanical characteristics in rock mass … Read More

3D ground-use optimisation for sustainable urban development planning: A case-study from Earls Court, London, UK

Introduction: research context and objectives Cities provide opportunities for economic growth, cultural and social development and scientific and technological innovation. Yet they have often developed without coordination and integration of … Read More

Characterisation of karst hydrogeology in Western Ireland using geophysical and hydraulic modelling techniques

Introduction Methods of hydrogeological investigation for karst catchments have long been established. Traditional techniques include tracers (Baedke and Krothe, 2000, Goldscheider et al., 2008), spring hydrograph analysis (Fiorillo, 2009) and … Read More

Human-induced landslide on a high cut slope: a case of repeated failures due to multi-excavation

Introduction Human activity has been recognized as an important triggering factor that leads to many landslides (Turner and Schuster, 1996, Huang and Chan, 2004, Erginal et al., 2008, Ayalew et … Read More

Ground-penetrating radar studies of permafrost, periglacial, and near-surface geology at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Introduction McMurdo Station, located on Hut Point Peninsula of Ross Island, was first used as a shoreline base in 1902 to explore inland Antarctica (Fig. 1). The United States more … Read More

Underground ground control monitoring and interpretation, and numerical modeling, and shield capacity design

Introduction–non-uniform in situ stresses and high horizontal stresses in mine environments Coal mining is a type of manufacturing enterprise. But unlike manufacturing where it builds a covered structure and begins … Read More

Geophysical investigation of a freshwater lens on the island of Langeoog, Germany – Insights from combined HEM, TEM and MRS data

Introduction The W-E trending barrier island of Langeoog is located at the German North Sea coast, along the northern rim of the intertidal Wadden Sea (Fig. 1a). The water supply … Read More

Large borehole with multi-lateral branches: A novel solution for exploitation of clayey silt hydrate

Introduction Natural gas hydrate, as a kind of novel, efficient and environment-friendly substitute energy, is widely distributed in continental permafrost zones and seafloors along continental margins (Kvenvolden KA, 1995; Boswell … Read More