Engineering geology

Characterisation of karst hydrogeology in Western Ireland using geophysical and hydraulic modelling techniques

Introduction Methods of hydrogeological investigation for karst catchments have long been established. Traditional techniques include tracers (Baedke and Krothe, 2000, Goldscheider et al., 2008), spring hydrograph analysis (Fiorillo, 2009) and … Read More

Geophysical investigation of a freshwater lens on the island of Langeoog, Germany – Insights from combined HEM, TEM and MRS data

Introduction The W-E trending barrier island of Langeoog is located at the German North Sea coast, along the northern rim of the intertidal Wadden Sea (Fig. 1a). The water supply … Read More

Influence of surface water – groundwater interactions on the spatial distribution of pesticide metabolites in groundwater

Introduction The contamination of groundwater by pesticides is a common problem and therefore, the fate of pesticides in the environment has been widely investigated (Buttiglieri et al., 2009; Cuevas et … Read More