Geoelectrical monitoring of simulated subsurface leakage to support high-hazard nuclear decommissioning at the Sellafield Site, UK

Introduction Whilst modern geophysical methodology is increasingly applied at nuclear legacy sites worldwide, the full potential of near-surface geophysics has yet to be fully recognized by the nuclear industry and … Read More

Panoramic azimuthal Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Sounding for fracture orientation and anisotropy quantification

Introduction Few of the physical properties of a rock include electrical resistivity or conductivity, density, magnetic susceptibility, dielectric permittivity, acoustic impedance. The variance in the aforementioned properties of a geologic … Read More

3D geological modeling for mineral resource assessment of the Tongshan Cu deposit, Heilongjiang Province, China

Introduction Three-dimensional geological modeling (3DGM) is a developing technology for geological studies, mineral resource exploration, and quantitative estimation of mineral resources (Houlding, 1994; Mallet, 2002; Wu and Xu, 2004; Fallara … Read More