Schmidt Hammer Test_geology

Schmidt Hammer Test

May 29, 2020 admin 0

The Schmidt hammer is a device designed to estimate the strength of concrete (but which can be used on rock) by measuring the rebound of […]

refraction seismic3

Seismic Refraction Methods

May 28, 2020 admin 1

Seismic surveys for engineering projects on land are mostly undertaken by the refraction technique. Twelve or more geophones are used in a traverse while the […]

Menard Test

Menard Test

May 27, 2020 admin 1

The Menard pressuremeter is the best known type of pressuremeter for use in soils. It consists of two main components; a Probe and a Pressure-Volume […]

Geologic modelling

January 5, 2020 admin 4

Geomodelling (Geologic modelling) Geologic modelling, geological modelling or geomodelling is the applied science of creating computerized representations of portions of the Earth’s crust based on […]

Nippon Screw Weight System

January 5, 2020 admin 0

In the year of 2012 the NARO announced an in-situ ground survey machine, the Nippon Screw Weight System (NSWS), designed to overcome problems with the […]


Atterberg limits

December 20, 2019 admin 0

The Atterberg limits are a basic measure of the critical water contents of a fine-grained soil: its shrinkage limit, plastic limit, and liquid limit. Depending […]

SSR Classification System

December 4, 2019 admin 0

The SSR (Slope Stability Rating) classification system (Taheri et al., 2006a) is a new rock mass classification system which has been proposed in Iran to […]