Ground-penetrating radar studies of permafrost, periglacial, and near-surface geology at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Introduction McMurdo Station, located on Hut Point Peninsula of Ross Island, was first used as a shoreline base in 1902 to explore inland Antarctica (Fig. 1). The United States more … Read More

Underground ground control monitoring and interpretation, and numerical modeling, and shield capacity design

Introduction–non-uniform in situ stresses and high horizontal stresses in mine environments Coal mining is a type of manufacturing enterprise. But unlike manufacturing where it builds a covered structure and begins … Read More

Geophysical investigation of a freshwater lens on the island of Langeoog, Germany – Insights from combined HEM, TEM and MRS data

Introduction The W-E trending barrier island of Langeoog is located at the German North Sea coast, along the northern rim of the intertidal Wadden Sea (Fig. 1a). The water supply … Read More

Large borehole with multi-lateral branches: A novel solution for exploitation of clayey silt hydrate

Introduction Natural gas hydrate, as a kind of novel, efficient and environment-friendly substitute energy, is widely distributed in continental permafrost zones and seafloors along continental margins (Kvenvolden KA, 1995; Boswell … Read More

Geoelectrical monitoring of simulated subsurface leakage to support high-hazard nuclear decommissioning at the Sellafield Site, UK

Introduction Whilst modern geophysical methodology is increasingly applied at nuclear legacy sites worldwide, the full potential of near-surface geophysics has yet to be fully recognized by the nuclear industry and … Read More

Panoramic azimuthal Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Sounding for fracture orientation and anisotropy quantification

Introduction Few of the physical properties of a rock include electrical resistivity or conductivity, density, magnetic susceptibility, dielectric permittivity, acoustic impedance. The variance in the aforementioned properties of a geologic … Read More