Engineering geology

Application of geotechnical and geophysical field measurements in an active alpine environment

Introduction The Meretschibach catchment (Fig. 1), situated in the Swiss Alps, canton Valais, near the village of Agarn (620 m.a.s.l.), has been investigated due to dynamic processes of erosion, deposition … Read More

Hydrogeological hazards and weather events: Triggering and evolution of shallow landslides

Introduction Most hydrogeological instability phenomena have a recurrent nature: they have already occurred in the past, in the same sites, often with equal or higher intensity. Landslides are a case … Read More

Enhanced landslide investigations through advanced DInSAR techniques: The Ivancich case study, Assisi, Italy

Introduction Landslides are abundant and frequent phenomena in many regions of the World, where they threaten private and public properties and human life, with significant socio-economic losses (Brabb and Harrod, … Read More

Slope Design and Implementation in Open Pit Mines: Geological and Geomechanical Approach

Introduction Slopes of mines and quarries, some of which may reach several hundred meters deep, must be regarded as “geotechnical works” in the sense that we speak of mine works … Read More