DinSAR monitoring of the landslide activity affecting a stretch of motorway in the Campania region of Southern Italy

Introduction According to the IFFI (Inventario dei Fenomeni Franosi in Italia) catalogue (APAT, 2007) about 4.52% of landslides inventoried in Italy until to 2008 affected the national road network. With … Read More

Geophysical, remote sensing, GIS, and isotopic applications for a better understanding of the structural controls on groundwater flow in the Mojave Desert, California

Introduction The structural controls on groundwater accumulation and flow exhibit a wide range of variability. Faults can act as highly permeable pathways, or as barriers for groundwater flow depending on … Read More

Geophysical mapping of Vercelli Seamount: Implications for Miocene evolution of the Tyrrhenian back arc basin

Introduction The Vercelli seamount is a submarine granitic intrusion of Miocene age (Barbieri et al., 1986) localized in the central portion of the Tyrrhenian Sea back arc basin. The seamount … Read More

Evaluation of subsidence induced by long-lasting buildings load using InSAR technique and geotechnical data: The case study of a Freight Terminal (Tuscany, Italy)

Introduction Anthropogenic subsidence is a major threat in urban areas, resulting in long-term economic losses, sometimes causing inundation and increased flooding potential (Holzer and Johnson, 1985; Shirzaei and Bürgmann, 2018). … Read More