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From Magma to Crystalline Rock

From Magma to Crystalline Rock (Igneous rock)

To better understand how magma crystallizes, let us consider how a simple crystalline solid melts. Recall that, in any crystalline solid, the ions are arranged in a closely packed regular pattern. However, they are not without some motion; they exhibit a restricted vibration about fixed points. As the temperature rises, ions vibrate more rapidly and consequently collide with ever-increasing vigor with their neighbors.

Thus, heating causes the ions to occupy more space, which in turn causes the solid to expand. When the ions are vibrating rapidly enough to overcome the force of their chemical bonds, melting occurs. At this stage, the ions are able to slide past one another, and the orderly crystalline structure disintegrates.

Thus, melting converts a solid consisting of tight, uniformly packed ions into a liquid composed of unordered ions moving randomly about.

In the process called crystallization, cooling reverses the events of melting.

As the temperature of the liquid drops, ions pack more closely together as their rate of movement slows. When they are cooled sufficiently, the forces of the chemical bonds will again confine the ions to an orderly crystalline arrangement. When a magma body cools, the silicon and oxygen atoms link together first to form silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, the basic building blocks of the silicate minerals.

As magma continues to lose heat to its surroundings, the tetrahedra join with each other and with other ions to form embryonic crystal nuclei. Slowly each nucleus grows as ions lose their mobility and join the crystalline network.

The minerals that form the earliest have space to grow and tend to have better-developed crystal faces than do the ones that form later and occupy the remaining spaces. Eventually all of the melt is transformed into a solid mass of interlocking silicate minerals that we call an igneous rock.

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